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Welcome, We are the Brightstorm!

BrightStorm is a symphonic metal/modern gothic band from São José dos Campos, Brazil. The band was founded by vocalist Naimi Stephanie in 2012. The name BrightStorm refers metaphorically to a point of light in a dark storm, since most lyrics are based on overcoming negative experiences. Soon after forming, the band recorded its debut EP "Past in Flames", released in january 2014. With strong influence from bands like Nightwish,Lacuna Coil,Epica, Draconian, Evanescence, and Tristania, BrightStorm recorded its first studio album "Through the Gates". Soon after, BrightStorm released a music video for the song "Walk", a lyric video for the song "Psicostasia", and a music video for the song "Vampire", all available in the YouTube channel "BrightStormBand", along with live performances.The band has been earning more space in the national and international scene,selling many CDs to the USA, Europe,and many other locations, aside from having loyal fans following on digital media platforms.


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Tel: +55(12) 988126003

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